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Since our nomad journey began two years ago, we’ve had the honor of being featured in a number of digital nomad interviews in podcasts, news sites and magazines. I remember binge-watching and reading these types of interviews in the early days as we prepared for our “big trip” with the family. It’s a bit surreal to be the ones being interviewed now, sharing our tips and tricks for family travel.

We hope that other families find the inspiration and tools they need to make the leap to the digital nomad lifestyle. Please reach out to us directly if you need that extra nudge. You won’t regret it!


Digital Nomad Interviews


digital nomad interviewsEpic Education Radio 

Jason Andrews Jenkins of Epic Education Radio has hosted us twice now. We discuss launching Nomadica, why we choose the nomadic lifestyle, and in the later interview, costs of giving birth abroad, cost of living in Mexico and day trading.

Watch the Interview – March 2016
Watch the Interview – June 2017


digital nomad interviews

Digital Nomad Mastery 

Ricky Sheddy of DaddyBlogger featured us on his podcast called Digital Nomad Mastery. We discuss the benefits of long-term family travel, the unique challenges of the nomad lifestyle, giving birth outside our passport country, and day trading as a career.

Watch the Interview – July 2017


digital nomad interviewsThe Travelpreneur Club

Drew Crawford of The Travelpreneur Club interviewed us while we were living in Zagreb, Croatia. We discuss the transition from corporate life to the nomad lifestyle, Sarah’s approach to a fiction career, the business model behind Nomadica, and the routine we settled on in the travel lifestyle.

Watch the Interview – July 2016


digital nomad interviewsThe Huffington Post

Monique Alvarez, a contributor to the Huffington Post, features us in her article on Digital Nomad Parenting. We love this article as it highlights the ideals shared by many of us while displaying the diversity of the nomad community.

Read the Interview – June 2017


digital nomad interviewJulie Ewald

Julie Ewald featured us on her blog in an article titled “What’s it REALLY like to be a Digital Nomad.” As you would guess, we talk about the reasons for going nomad and some of the misconceptions around the lifestyle.

Read the Interview – May 2017


telecran digital nomad interview



Kathrin Werno of Télécran Magazine interviewed us for the Luxembourg print magazine. The interview covers our story and touches a bit on our time in Luxembourg.

Read the Interview – April 2016


unkemped digital nomad interview Unkemped

Suewan Kemp, author of the family travel blog “Unkemped”, featured us along with 4 other location independent families in her post about affording the nomadic lifestyle.

Read the Interview – October 2016


wondrly luxpats interviewWand’rly

Nathan Swartz of Wand’rly Magazine interviewed us in February of 2017. This was a pretty long interview for an online magazine, but there are a lot of great insights. We discussed the reasons we prefer the nomadic lifestyle and how we’ve grown personally from the experience.

Read the Interview – February 2017






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