Sarah Beaudette and David Keys are The LuxPats!

We sold our house in 2015 to launch an online retail business as a digital nomad family. We travel with our toddler and blog about digital nomad family life.

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In 2009 we met at Amazon, where we were both Program Managers. We decided to move to Amazon’s Luxembourg office in 2011, and thought we might as well get married while we were at it. In 2013 our bundle of joy arrived via Amazon Prime, (jk, Prime would never take that long), so Sarah resigned and we moved to South Africa, where David headed up the expansion of Amazon Seller Support into the Cape Town office. Though we always traveled, it was never enough. We sold the house, took to the air, and became a digital nomad family currently living in: Guanajuato, Mexico. (This page will show our location at any given time)

Sarah Beaudette, some facts:

You can find my short fiction at Buckshot Magazine, The Arcanist,  The Masters Review, NewMyths.comNecessary Fiction, MonkeybicycleWord Riot, NYC Midnight, The Jellyfish ReviewGold Fever Press, and Trigger Warnings.

I graduated from Wellesley College in 2008 and since then have been the Author Central program manager, and then the Global Moderation Manager for Customer Reviews at Amazon. I grew up in Washington state, pronounced “Warshington” by some of us. There was a serial killer on the loose for most of my childhood, but we all felt guiltily comforted by the fact that he only killed prostitutes. Our apples were good, but I don’t think they were better than say, Nebraska apples. I miss the mountains on either side of a narrow road so that you only see a sliver of the sky, and I miss the smell of lakes in summer, and now I can go home and visit whenever I want. I’d like to make the world better by working hard at hard things.

David Keys, some facts:

Growing up as a third culture kid in a military family may have destined me for a life of travel and voluntary chaos. I’ve lived in four states and seven countries over the past 10 years, but have enjoyed the freedom that travel offers.

I attended Grand Rapids Community College with a focus on economics and later Northland College studying surgical technology. While attending Northland College in 2005, I found work at a relatively new internet company called Amazon.com. They were expanding rapidly, both organically and via acquisitions. In 2007, I decided to forgo clinicals to complete my surg’ tech degree and moved to South Carolina to build a career with Amazon, focusing on publishing and start-up operations. This was the start of many more moves with the company until the summer of 2015, when I decided to resign. I had launched a 160 employee Seller Support office in Cape Town, South Africa and needed more freedom in where my family could live and what I could focus on professionally.

I’m now a full time trader (mostly commodities) and teach others how to trade.

Sarah is the author and talent of this site, Spencer helps us keep site photography light and fun, I’m just along for the ride. 🙂


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