Digital Nomad Pack List: The Top 20

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The fun part of nomad prep: filling out your digital nomad pack list!

Looking for a digital nomad pack list? Here are 20 that helped us settle on our own, and are all from experienced nomads. We tried to list posts that include both clothing AND digital nomad tech gear, and favored lists that provide links to buy the products.

As you research pack lists, be aware: digital nomads are not RTW backpackers. We need the tech that allows us to work from the road, we need to dress it up on occasion for meeting clients or going to conferences, and we generally do not hike/camp/road trip outside of vacations, because let’s face it, it’s hard to stay productive when you sleep in a bag on the floor. Don’t deny it, nomads. 10-1 you’re sitting in a furnished AirBnB apartment right now. 

We hope these posts help you create your own perfect digital nomad pack list!

We’ve separated the lists into Gear Focused, Clothing Focused, Family, and Celebrity.


Gear Focused Lists

1. Thrilling Heroics: Cody McKibben has 7 years of slow travel under his belt. We like that his digital nomad pack list zeros in on not only the gear he uses for work, but the apps/software as well. His pack list.

2. Carryology: Obsessed with gear bags? So are we. Here’s another close look at tons of gear and helpful apps. Jon Gaffney’s pack list.

digital nomad pack list

What not to pack…

3. Medium: The most aesthetically pleasing, high-res post in the list. Noah Bradley’s pack list.

4. Finding the Universe: Husband/wife duo whose list tends to focus on gear. Their pack list.

5. Nomad is Beautiful: Focuses on electronic and photography gear but also includes their clothing. Their pack list.

6. Travel Fashion Girl: Lists pros and cons of each piece of gear with a mind toward what type of nomad (blogger, business, multiple countries) the gear is best for. Her pack list.


Clothing Focused Lists:

7. Focuses mostly on clothing and toiletries. Their pack list and video.

8. Home Sweet Globe: Minimalist Digital Nomad Packing List for Guys [VIDEO] and Minimalist Digital Nomad Packing List for Girls [VIDEO] – These videos were particularly helpful for us. They also include their gear, so they’re double threats with both gear and clothing focused pack lists.

clothing digital nomad pack list

Clothing often takes up the most volume.

9. Sarah Murdoch: Packing Light & Right with Sarah Murdoch [VIDEO] – This is a longer one, but some of this veteran tour guide’s tips are pure gold. Great for women.

10. The Vagabond Pursuit:  Packing lists with toiletry and make-up brands aren’t as common, so we’re featuring this solo female nomad’s list especially for its toiletry and make-up recommendations for interested parties. Her pack list.

11. Making It Anywhere: See #10, but for clothing. Also includes gear, but we’re loving the brand names/recommendations for specific clothing items, instead of just “three dresses, four pairs of socks, blah blah, shoot me in the head, blah blah blah.” Her pack list.


Combined Digital Nomad Pack Lists for Families:

12. The Luxpats: Ours. Dad or Mum and Baby. Yep, we did it, we put our own on the list. Why? I actually couldn’t find enough family digital nomad pack lists including product names and links. Ours is the only one I found with links, the other lists below are his and hers (no baby). Hopefully that won’t be the case when we’re ready to update this post next year. Contact Us if we’re wrong!

13. Seek New Travel: Love the photo galleries that actually show you what kind of variety you’re getting. Not only informative, but a fun read. Their pack list.

14. Never Ending Voyage: These long term digital nomads are so hard core that they developed an app to budget and track nomad trips. I know, I know, there’s are so many apps out there. BUT, we actually use their app every. single. day. It’s super useful for staying on budget and reviewing our spend at month end. Their pack list.

15. Our Travel Tale: A simple his and hers list, but it’s nice to see all their gear at a glance. Their pack list.

16. Worldly Nomads: A slightly sportier focus, both his and hers. Their pack list.


Celebrity Lists:

17. Wandering Earl: A well-known nomad blogger. His digital nomad pack list ranks highest in celebrity lists for us because it’s so specific, and actually links to the products. Thanks dude. His pack list.

18. Dan Andrews: Thousands of digital nomads around the world begin their location independent journey with Dan’s podcast and website, Tropical MBA. His free resources are priceless, and so is his pack list.

tim ferries digital nomad pack list19. Tim Ferriss: Tim’s a bit like Santa Claus to many digital nomads. He brought us the gift of The Four Hour Workweek. Tim covers a lot of of great clothing options in his pack list.

20. Chris Guillebeau: The best-selling author of The Art of Nonconformity shares his pack list.

21. We gave you a bonus list! NomadicMatt is the top nomadic travel blogger right now by traffic, I believe. His pack list.

Alright, you’ve been equipped with enough packing advice to take you anywhere you can dream of. Now the only things left to pack are courage to get you past the fear of the unknown and humility to help you learn and truly enjoy your journey. Happy travels!



Are you preparing for a long trip with kids and need advice on your digital nomad pack list? Reach out to us via our About page and we’ll be trilled to connect and share what we’ve learned and tried out.


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