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family travel resources

We’re featuring ourselves, as interviewed on Epic Education Radio. MORE IMPORTANTLY, we’re featuring the awesome family travel resources you can find on Epic Education Radio. Podcasts like these, more than anything else, convinced us to go nomad. Listening to current nomads talk about their lives helped us to put ourselves in their shoes and imagine what this life would be like.

On Epic Education Radio, host Jason Jenkins interviews a different traveling family in each episode. A long term expat himself, Jason also shares helpful blog posts about family travel, including destination, parenting, and gear advice.

In episode 45 of Epic Education Radio, Jason interviews us about what traveling with a toddler is like, and which resources/gear we find most helpful.

The Luxpats Interview: Family Travel Resources

-How we started traveling and eventually became nomads

-How we plan to make money from the road

-Rituals and routines that make travel with kids easier

-Specific gear, books, and online resources useful for both the personal and business side of travel.

Sorry for the sound quality in the first two minutes–it gets better! One key learning for us is that you should always include a USB microphone in your pack list. Whether you’re working remotely and need to Skype with a client, or whether you’re lucky enough to be interviewed, a USB mic ensures that you’ll always sound professional. Lesson learned.

Other Episodes with Family Travel Resources

Epic Education Radio is a treasure trove of family travel resources. Some of our other favorite episodes are:

-The Denning family talks about educating their large family on the road

Jason Marshall talks about how to sell everything and live on the road.

Sharon Gourlay, one of the most helpful nomad bloggers out there, talks about the economics of long term family travel.

-Turns out we’re not the only ones who think long term travel is easier with a baby. Andrew and Tanya Davis’ take on long term baby travel.


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